Reconnect Counselling

with Helen Larkey

“The Person is not the Problem, the problem is the problem.”


The Quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives” (Esther Perel)

Reconnect Counselling is a  relationship counselling service for individuals, couples, families and business with offices in  Bangalow, in the Byron Bay area of NSW and also in Ballina. Encompassing areas  including  Lennox Head, Alstonville,  Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores, Brunswick Heads, Lismore and Casino in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. Sessions are also available online and via telephone. I am currently able to take on some new clients.

Services are also provided for people living outside the Northern Rivers  area via  the online Zoom platform or by telephone.

Reconnect Counselling also offers intensive communication and counselling  retreats, comprising a weekend in the beautiful area of Byron Shire in Northern NSW.  Another service offered is a pre- marriage counselling course which is specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Some of the issues that counselling can help with

  •  Continuous arguments and conflict
  • Differences in libido that are causing conflict
  • Infidelity
  • Lack of emotional and physical connection
  • Not making the time to spend together, resulting in the feeling that you have grown apart
  • Family issues such as blended families (see my blog on this topic). Extended family influence and cultural differences.
  • Differences in approaches to bringing up children
  • Resentment, this is one of the main issues that can destroy sex  and physical connection in a relationship.
  • Grief and loss
  • Clarification on career choice
  • Assist with why you may be choosing partners who are not a right fit for you
  • Self worth and self esteem Issues

Take the First-Step and Call

If you are unsure as to what I may offer you as a counsellor, please feel assured that I welcome your call, and offer the first 15 minutes to you free of expense or obligation.

Counselling Services

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Counsellor Relationship

Couple and Relationship Counselling

Do you long to renew the connection to your partner you once had? Then relationship counselling can work for you and your partner to restore that bond.

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Counsellor Relationship

Grief Counselling

Are you mourning the loss of a loved one? Has your relationship ended and you are struggling with the loss? Grief counselling can help support you through this difficult time. A lot of work in counselling is to do with loss, not just death, loss of a job, mobility home etc. Many people can resolve some of these issues by talking to friends or family, however there is a tendency for people to expect the person grieving it to be "over it" by a certain time Talking about the loss   (especially the death of a loved one can help) can help the person move through the grief process. So if you find yourself "stuck" in your loss I can help and support you in the healing and finally integrating the loss into your life not merely "getting over it".

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Counsellor Relationship

Byron Bay Couples Counselling and Communication Retreats

Reconnect Counselling is in the process of developing Couple Counselling and Communication Retreats in Northern NSW.

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Counsellor Relationship

Family Counselling

Are you a blended family who are experiencing challenges? Family counselling can help with these issues and more in a safe non-threatening environment. Do you and your partner often disagree on how to children should be raised?

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Counsellor Relationship

Supervision for Counsellors

As professional supervision is an ethical requirement for all counsellors and therapists are you  looking for an experienced supervisor? I can assist with supervision individually, or, in small groups, in person, via telephone, or online  at a time to suit you. I am a clinical supervisor for CAPA NSW (listed on their website) and supervise counsellors all around Australia. With my many years of lecturing in counselling I am familiar with many different approaches and theories of counselling.

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Counsellor Relationship

Communication Workshops

Do you wish you knew how to communicate more effectively as a couple, or a family? Do you need some communication training for your staff? Make the call to see how I can help you in your individual needs for your situation.

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Counsellor Relationship

Individual Counselling

Are you at a loss where to turn for help? Maybe your relationship has ended and you don't feel like you will ever meet anyone else? Are you wrestling with anger or addiction issues, struggling with work, do you feel overwhelmed, or are you just dissatisfied with your life? You don't have to suffer alone.

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Counsellor Relationship

Pre-Marriage Counselling Course

This course is designed for couples who are entering into a committed partnership either in marriage or a defacto relationship. This course will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of you and your partner's personality and how that reveals itself relationally. You will be given tools to manage conflict assertively and effectively, giving you a head start and  the confidence to deal with difficult situations as they arise in the future.

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Counsellor Relationship

Counselling Educator and Speaker

Need a speaker to talk to your group of professionals on counselling or dealing with conflict? With many years of experience lecturing at university Helen is available for these talking engagements.

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Clinic Appointments

I offer Clinic Appointments form my offices in Bangalow and Ballina NSW, online or via the telephone.
Please call to schedule your appointment.

Contact Phone: 0438 695 310   email:

Telephone and Internet Counselling

I work with many people around Australia and the World via the Telephone and Internet.

Counselling Sessions

I have worked with many couples and  individuals who do not know what to do in regards to their relationship, and many contact me in crisis.

I am very familiar with your situation if you feel all is hopeless. If people are willing to do the work that is necessary to heal their relationship then all is not lost. Relationship counselling can be helpful if only one person chooses to attend. However it is always more beneficial if both parties can attend, then I can hear both sides of the story and each person’s point of view as to how they would like their relationship to look like in the future.

I will work with you to help you discover what needs to change for you to have a fulfilling relationship.

My background in teaching counselling and communication at university equips me to teach you how to communicate assertively and to work towards managing conflict.

Not all relationships and marriages can be saved and some couples decide eventually to go their separate ways.

So why seek counselling?

Couples counselling can help people to gain a clear picture and understanding of their issues and help both parties decide on their future. Clients tell me that after our sessions together they get clarity around their issues and I then equip them with tools to help them in the future.

If after having engaged in couples counselling you decide to end the marriage or relationship you will then know that you tried and won’t be wondering five to ten years in the future what if we had sought help? Having been trained in mediation I can help couples to come to a suitable agreement on such topics as access to children and help navigate the best outcome for each couple and their families.

Counsellor Helen Larkey is also available for Counsellor Supervision, as a presenter of workshops and speaking engagements, conflict management, mediation and training for business. Helen also has a Workcover number for NSW.

The Way I work

The main premise of my work is “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem” Therefore during a session with me you will not experience any blame, guilt or judgement.

My firm belief is that power is found within relationships and that we are all at every moment in relationship with a person or persons or our environment. I believe that every person has within them the capacity to achieve their goals and dreams.

When people find themselves in difficulty along life’s path I can provide the tools to enable them to achieve what they wish for themselves and their family.

Is relationship counselling covered by Medicare?

Couples counselling is not covered by Medicare as it is not deemed a mental disorder. In order to qualify for a Mental Health Plan an individual has to be assessed with a medical problem and given a psychiatric diagnosis. This is then kept on your medical records and may affect your life insurance and future as well as current employment. My records cannot be accessed unless supoenaed by a court.

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