Below you will find a selection of quality links to people and services that may assist you on your journey.

Somatic ExperiencingNervous System Repair
Somatic Experiencing is about healing trauma in the nervous system. It works with the most ancient part of the brain which is geared for survival. The flight / fight / freeze response is a survival response instinctive to animals and humans alike.

Living LoveLiving Love – Discover the secrets of passionate intimacy
Cynthia Connopis the founder and co-facilitator of the Living Love workshop program. Cynthia has been exploring transformational work for over 25 years, is a personal growth facilitator and documentary filmmaker. She is passionate about creating an awakened, loving planet.

Tim HarveyTim Harvey & Associates
Tim Harvey is a counsellor/psychotherapist specialising in relationships, men’s issues and anger management. He counsels within organisations to deal with problems (work-related or personal) which are interfering with people’s ability to do their job effectively. Tim is based in Berry NSW, and offers Skype and phone consultations.

Northern Rivers CounsellingNorthern Rivers Counselling Practice
Alice Robertson and Pedro Campiao provides a safe, non-judgmental space and relationship in which to enable you to develop an understanding of yourself and to make changes in your life.

Susan GarradWomen’s Health, Naturally
Our aim is to help you lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life! Women are at the core of every family, but we too often neglect ourselves while caring for everybody else. At Women’s Health, Naturally we have created a tranquil space where you can come to be nurtured and cared for away from the stressors and demands of everyday life.

Sally PattisonSally Pattison – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist
Healing Naturally offers a comprehensive range of qualified, professional services, including; naturopathy, massage, nutrition and workshops. Sally is based in Bangalow NSW, and her website offers a wealth of information to assist you.