Couples Reconnection Retreats

Imagine your relationship if you were both better at staying on track during conflict and discussing the real problems more calmly.

Or perhaps your relationship has lost the spark – and you don’t feel the connection you once did.

Relationship counsellor and educator Helen Larkey can help you to address your needs, teach you simple techniques to communicate more effectively and regenerate you relationship to find your lost love.

Helen facilitates intensive couples counselling in beautiful Byron Bay.

Fast Track your counselling sessions

and see results in your relationship sooner.

Revive Your Relationship 2 Day Retreat

5 months of couples therapy in 2 days!!

Are you arguing about one of the BIG 4 – Money, sex, kids or housework?

Revive your connection and create real and lasting change in your relationship.

When we get off kilter in our relationship, it’s so easy to move from love to tit for tat, to bickering, to going around in circles and ultimately to exhaustion. When did communication become so laboured? When did things get so complex?

You don’t need to wait until you’re on the brink of separation.

Lift the tension, lighten your relationship and get back to a place of ease, simplicity and connection.

This couples retreat has been carefully designed to help you and your partner to compassionately get to the core of the issues you are facing and to come up with a constructive plan for moving forward. Read more…

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If your Relationship is not everything you wish it was, you can suffer things as they are, or take a positive step towards where you want to be.

I often tell couples they have three options if their relationship is in trouble or not satisfying to both parties. 1.You can do nothing and as we know if things don’t change they stay the same. 2. You can leave without seeking help first, the risk then is you may look back several years down the track and wonder if had worked on your issues maybe the relationship could have been saved. 3.You can access couples counselling with a person who you are comfortable with and who you feel can help you work towards your goals.

As I work individually with each couple (one size does not fit all) your intensive sessions will be delivered to meet your specific needs and circumstances. Packages are tailored on an individual basis, so you are invited to make contact to discuss your circumstances and what you are wanting to achieve.

We approached Helen as we needed some help with our relationship as we were about to separate. We contacted Helen and from the beginning we found her to be open, respectful, courteous and above all professional. One of the main reasons that we decided to go with Helen was the way she deals with the issues “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem. This approach was so beneficial to us working through our main issues of lost communication and intimacy.

Thank you Helen for we are so much more appreciative and supportive of each other and our communication is the best it’s ever been and continues to improve

J. and T.

Ballina Shire

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If you are unsure as to what I may offer you as a counsellor, please feel assured that I welcome your call, and offer the first 15 minutes to you free of expense or obligation.