Family Counselling

Is your family struggling to get along with all the stress that modern families may experience, such as financial worries and juggling work with family time?

Would you like more peace and harmony in your home?

Having worked for many years in child and family support as well as having three adult children, I have faced many of the issues of today’s families.

Are you a blended family? More and more families are now what is known as blended families. These can have certain challenges and need skill and patience so that everyone can get along (most of the time that is!). I have worked with many such families so know the challenges you face. If this is you please see my blog on this topic.

I have seen many families in my office and in their homes and I particularly enjoy working with adolescents.

My motto is; “one person is not the problem but everyone can be a part of the solution”… Everyone is able to have their say in a calm and safe environment.

Help is at hand.

I can help you negotiate your wants and needs and teach your family how to communicate in a safe and non-threatening environment.


I offer Clinic Appointments in Bangalow in the Byron Bay area and  Ballina in the Northern Rivers area of NSW.
Please call to schedule your appointment.


Family counselling cost is $200* for sixty minutes.

A reduced rate for students can be negotiated on request.

*There is no extra charge for dependent children, however for families with adult employed children the rate is $250 per sixty minutes.