Pre-Marriage Counselling

Thinking of getting married?

Would you like to explore any issues you may have with your partner before you do?

Would you like to learn communication tools to use when conflict inevitably arises in the future?

Would you like to understand yourself and your partner more fully?

Knowledge is power, so once you realise why each each of you act the way you do it can lessen the anger and the frustration that often arises in conflict.

Move from wanting to win and being right, to aim for a “win-win” solution.

Due to my many years teaching communication and conflict management at university I am able to teach you to address the above and other issues you may have.

In the sessions we are always working towards solutions that are acceptable to each couple.

Working with a counsellor before you get married can be an effective way to explore your relationship to ensure you are both heading in the same direction.

So why do couples who are tying the knot need marriage counselling? After all, you are in love, get on well, like doing the same things and find each other attractive, so what’s the problem?

When we set up home together we bring our baggage from our family of origin, some people have more baggage than others.

Conflict can arise over money, children, how many and how to bring them up, division of housework, etc. These are just a few issues that you will face in the future.

Much time and (often) a lot of money is spent on the big day, investing a fraction of the cost of the wedding on pre-marriage counselling will stand your relationship in good stead for the future.

This course can be delivered either face to face or online.
This course is tailored for one couple at a time it is not a group course.

Telephone and Internet Counselling

I work with many people around Australia and the World via the Telephone and Internet.

Mobile Service Area

I also offer a mobile service, for counselling, workshops and speaking engagements to all areas within the Northern Rivers, including;

  • Bangalow
  • Byron Bay
  • Mullumbimby
  • Lismore
  • Ballina