Thank you Helen for your support as my supervisor and belief in my ability, as a counsellor I appreciate your support so much.


Gold Coast, QLD

Thanks Helen for your guidance and direction during a really rough time. Your personal maner, listening skills and most importantly your sage advice proved invaluablei n getting my life and my relationshipwith my wife and kids back on track.

You provided a wonderful environment of safety and freedom that rebuilt a man struggling for answers. With your help I learnt that neither the question or the answers were important. Rather, it was how I reacted or didn’t that smoothed the road ahead.

The true test of your brilliant counselling skills is that five months later life is full of love, new opportunities and fresh adventures. I can’t thank you enough.


Byron shire

When my partner and I  first starting seeing Helen two years ago, our daughter was one and we were exhausted and couldn’t communicate without yelling at each other. Helen asked us to fill in a form and the reason why we wanted to come. I still laugh at my partner’s answer saying that I forced him to come. It’s very interesting that he is now booking appointments himself.

I’ll always remember a sentence she said to us “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem”

We would never be where we are today without Helen’s help. Thank you for being very empathic, non judgemental and making us feel comfortable to open up.

K. and B.

Byron shire

The first time I saw Helen I was full of sadness and resentment towards myself and my partner. I was quite hesitant  opening  up to a complete stranger. But Helen made me feel warm and very comfortable. Helen’s kind words hepled me see a different kind of perspective. She helped me see strength in my relationship. Plus with her witty sesnse of humour I was really looking forward to my every session.

If I could adopt Helen as my second mum I would in a heart beat. For anyone having self doubt please put your trust in Helen she really is amazing.



Helen has been able to guide me through some of the hardest times I have ever experienced. Her calm nature amd understanding made my experience easy breezy. I’ve grown immensely and have Helen to thank for that



I just want to say that although you have your profession as a counsellor and your accreditation on the wall,  I saw you as a compassionate, genuine and wise person that cared. So thanks again and I will no doubt be in touch for a tune up in the near future



After 32 years of marriage we had come to a cross road where old behaviours were leaving us both unhappy. Helen was supportive and active in helping us identify our issues and recognise how to approach these conflicts differently. She enabled us to reconnect as empty nesters and reignite what had brought us together initially. We are both excited now for a wonderful future together that celebrates the best in us both.

N. and L.

Byron shire

I want to thank you for all your support we’ve already seen some changes. In particular for me it has been a wake up call to take my needs seriously as 100% it is what I needed to do. Thank you for seeing and suggesting that, it’s a turning point for me. I appreciate your gentle and intuitive approach. If we need to see you in the future we won’t hesitate to call you

E. and J.

Byron shire

I cannot thank you enough. Without your expertise my partner and I would never have had the chance to be together again.

S. and E.


Thank you Helen for your guidance in showing us how to understand and accept our issues in our relationship and to navigate the way to a successful resolution.

R. and P.


We approached Helen as we needed some help with our relationship as we were about to separate. We contacted Helen and from the beginning we found her to be open, respectful, courteous and above all professional. One of the main reasons that we decided to go with Helen was the way she deals with the issues “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem. This approach was so beneficial to us working through our main issues of lost communication and intimacy.

Thank you Helen for we are so much more appreciative and supportive of each other and our communication is the best it’s ever been and continnues to improve

J. and T.

Ballina shire

My husband and I would like to thank Helen for helping to guide us through a difficult time in our marriage. We had lost our closeness and after dedicating so much of our time and energy to our young children we needed help in finding our way back to each other. Helen was patient and encouraging and although we were hesitant about seeking counselling at first Helen made the sessions as comfortable as she could for both of us. We would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation

A. and S.

Byron shire

Hi Helen, I just wanted to thank you for your time today. I realise it’s your job, but it is a difficult one and one where you can make significant changes to peoples’ lives. It was a really big day for both of us and we both enjoyed your involvement and what occurred. I think we have a long way to go but we are excited we have found you and what you can do to help us get through this together. Much appreciated.

L. and B.


I have been a client of Helen’s for almost two years. My situation was extremely difficult and I was isolated from friends and family with little support. I recall contacting Helen on a Saturday as the situation with my ex partner was extremely volatile. I was at my lowest point not knowing which way to go. I found Helen to be a lady that understood my grief which was very deep, the word trust comes to mind when I think of her. Helen showed me that I deserved the best and helped me recognise that my situation was not how a relationship should be. I am honoured to have met Helen and will continue to work with her to achieve my dreams of a beautiful loving relationship with a person of equal integrity. Thank you so much Helen.



Thank you so much for getting us to this point, we couldn’t have done it without you, and we feel so appreciative of you Helen. Your personality is so suited to your work we feel like we have known you forever

H. and S.


Before seeing Helen, my partner and I had come to a crossroad. We were having communication issues and after many frustrating discussions we decided that without addressing these issues we would most likely separate. We made an appointment to see Helen. Throughout our therapeutic process with Helen my partner and I found her to be very caring and always concerned about our well being. Over the time we spent with Helen we were able to rebuild our connection and look forward to our happy future together. Helen is a beautiful soul and I feel blessed that she came into my world at a time when I had lost faith in the future of my long term relationship. I am forever grateful for her support and genuine compassion and absolutely recommend her services to anyone needing a therapist.

M. and S.


I have been a client of Helen’s for almost 3 years now, for both couple and individual counselling. Helen is extremely warm and easy to talk to (good thing in a counsellor). I did not know what to expect when we initiated the couple counselling and we were both very nervous. Helen managed to draw out issues seamlessly and naturally creating a comforting and non threatening environment. Helen was able to provide significant and useful information/tools that enabled us to identify and manage our individual behaviours so that together we were able to dislodge confusing and destructive patterns that had been created within the relationship. We both now have a greater understanding of each others’ weaknesses and strengths and with Helen’s guidance we have been provided with a better understanding of navigating our way through challenging times more harmoniously (a good thing in a relationship).



As a client of Helen I found her to be a very caring and compassionate person. Her ability and reasoning to deal with issues surpassed my expectations. Helen’s vast experience and professional approach enables her to identify problems and work to find solutions while remaining very kind and concerned.



I found Helen to be very relatable, easy to talk to and caring. She helped navigate me through a difficult time. I highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for voice of reason.



Helen really helped us to improve our communication and to see that there were simple changes we could make and ways to break ingrained habits. She is really personable and easy to talk with and makes it all a bit more fun and manageable

P. and T.

Byron shire

Helen taught me through my years at university. Throughout that time I found her to be not only an excellent teacher but also approachable, reliable and extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. I am honoured that I got to learn from such a kind hearted and lovely lady.



I have known Helen Larkey for ten years as a lecturer and counsellor. Helen makes you feel at ease with great warmth, treating people as equals and experts of their own lives and being non-judgemental. This approach is very empowering as you are free to explore options in a safe environment without being judged. Other skills that Helen brings are empathy, great listening skills and knowing that you are being heard.


B.Soc.Sci. community worker

Helen was my lecturer at University and is currently my professional supervisor. Helen has a wealth of experience working with individuals and families. She is a consummate professional with a warm humanistic approach. Helen’s passion is people and relationships. In Helen’s words “It’s all about relationships”. I am indebted to her as she continues to be my mentor, guru and lifelong inspiration.


B.Soc.Sci community worker and Masters student

Whilst studying at university I was fortunate to have Helen as my lecturer. During this time I was volunteering as a face to face counsellor and was supervised by Helen in this role. Helen was very professional and supportive, sharing her extensive knowledge in the field. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking a quality counselling, or psychotherapy supervisor.

Mellissa B.

Psych (Hons) MAPS Provisional psychologist

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