Revive & Reinforce Your Relationship – 3 Day Retreat

How to Get Results Quickly

8 months of couples therapy in 3 days!!

The ULTIMATE 3 day couples retreat – counselling, communication & conflict management.

Revive your connection and reinforce your relationship as you learn to communicate and manage conflict effectively.

Exhausted at the thought of your relationship?

Feeling like you only talk about surface-level stuff?

Wondering where the person you fell in love with has gone?

All relationships weather storms. Sometimes relationships have been neglected for so long that it really feels like you may never be able to get it back.

I get it and I can help.

This 3-day couples retreat has been carefully designed to help you and your partner to compassionately get to the core of the issues you are facing and to come up with a constructive plan for moving forward.

I’ll also provide training and you’ll get to practice the best communication techniques for a healthy and happy relationship and you’ll learn how to manage the conflict that inevitably arises in all relationships.

Helen Larkey - 3 Day Couples Retreat


Your retreat is:
– Private & Confidential
– A 1:2 experience
– Held on the weekend or mid-week
– In person or online
– Suited to locals or people from outside the area
– Include a 30 min Zoom follow up (1 month later) Six hours of face to face counselling each day.
– Include a manual / handout
– Individually tailored to your needs, situation and unique issues

What value do you place on your relationship?

Investment $3,497

Relationship counsellor and educator Helen Larkey can help you to address your needs, teach you simple techniques to communicate more effectively and regenerate you relationship to find your lost love.

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How Helen works:
Helen takes the time to get to know you and your partner and will make you feel as comfortable as possible. The way she works is positive, affirming and strength building while bringing a whole lot of humour and compassion into the process. She works with a narrative approach, where “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem”.
Paying attention to the past while looking to focus on the solution together, Helen works within a constructive framework where there is no judgement, no guilt and no blame. She works individually with each couple (one size does not fit all) so your couples retreat will be delivered to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

Couples Retreats:
These retreats will allow couples to do some fast tracking of their relationship issues rather than attending counselling over weeks or months. Retreats are individually tailored to your needs, situation and unique issues including:
– Relationships issues
– Arguments and conflicts
– Loss of intimacy
– Infidelity
– Lack of connection
– Family issues
– Parents raising children
– Grief and loss
– Career choice
– Self esteem

Couples counselling retreat sessions take place in my private and comfortable setting in Bangalow, ten minutes drive from Byron Bay. These can be arranged for the weekend or even mid-week if that suits you and your partner better.

Each retreat day comprises five hours of counselling, with breaks in between.  I will see you both separately and then together. The intensive counselling sessions are individually tailored to your needs, situation and unique issues. Couples can also choose to book a relaxing massage or facial after their session (I’m happy to provide you with referrals for local therapists).

If your Relationship is not everything you wish it was, you can suffer things as they are, or take a positive step towards where you want to be.

I often tell couples they have three options if their relationship is in trouble or not satisfying to both parties. 1.You can do nothing and as we know if things don’t change they stay the same. 2. You can leave without seeking help first, the risk then is you may look back several years down the track and wonder if had worked on your issues maybe the relationship could have been saved. 3.You can access couples counselling with a person who you are comfortable with and who you feel can help you work towards your goals.

As I work individually with each couple (one size does not fit all) your intensive sessions will be delivered to meet your specific needs and circumstances. Packages are tailored on an individual basis, so you are invited to make contact to discuss your circumstances and what you are wanting to achieve.

My wife and I recently attended a 3 day couples retreat with Helen to deal with some long held issues we had in our marriage. To say this was relationship changing in the most positive way would be an understatement. Going in we were frustrated, exhausted and out of answers, when we left we both felt like we had a new insight into ourselves and each other and a new understanding of how to move forward together. Helen helped us in a very short space of time learn the tools to communicate properly and deal with the issues that had been throwing our relationship off track.
We couldn’t recommend Helen highly enough and are now genuinely excited about what the future holds. ( D and D Coffs Harbour).

Before seeing Helen my partner and I had come to a crossroad, we were having communication issues and after many frustrating discussions we decided that without addressing these issues we would most likely separate.  We made an appointment to see Helen. Throughout our therapeutic process with Helen my partner and I found her to be very caring and always concerned about our well being. Over the time we spent with Helen we were able to rebuild our connection and look forward to our happy future together. Helen is a beautiful soul and I feel blessed that she came into my world at a time when I had lost faith in the future of my long term relationship. I am forever grateful for her support and genuine compassion and absolutely recommend her services to anyone needing a therapist

M. and S.


It’s is hard to put into a few lines but I’d like to say thank you again and I seriously can’t tell you how much the weekend has helped us. We left emotionally exhausted but for all the right reasons for once and laughed most of the drive home.

D. and D.

Coffs Harbour

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