Business Counselling

Are conflict, communication problems or mental health affecting your workplace?

Are your employees feeling stressed at work?

Are their personal issues affecting their ability to be present and engaged in the workplace?

Are they underperforming as a result?

Are your staff struggling to get along?

Are the number of sick days being taken by staff in your organisation increasing?

Would you like more peace and harmony in your office?

Would you like to have better communication and conflict management skills as a leader and for your entire workforce?

Relax, I’m here to help.

According to Safe Work Australia, work-related mental health conditions (also known as psychological injuries) have become a major concern in Australian workplaces due to the negative impact on individual employees, and the costs associated with the long periods away from work that are typical of these claims. Each year:

  • 7,200 Australians are compensated for work-related mental health conditions, equating to around 6% of workers’ compensation claims, and
  • $543 million is paid in workers’ compensation for work-related mental health conditions.
  • 60% of mental disorder claims awarded to workers aged 40 and over
  • 20 times more sick days per month taken by workers with severe depression

Safe Work Australia suggests that mental health can be adversely affected by exposure to a range of factors in the workplace, including:

  • poor support
  • poor workplace relationships
  • poor organisational change management
  • poor organisational justice
  • poor environmental conditions
  • remote or isolated work, and
  • violent or traumatic events.

Work-related stress can result from exposure to these factors. When the stress is high or when it happens over a long period of time, or both, it can lead to work-related psychological or physical injury. As an example, work-related stress may lead to depression and anxiety in the long term.

Safe Work Australia shares that work-related stress has been linked with high levels of:

  • unplanned absences including sick leave
  • staff turnover
  • withdrawal and presenteeism, and
  • poor work and poor product quality.

If conflict, communication or mental health are affecting your workplace, I’m here to help.

Services I provide to the work place include mediation, conflict management and group training in communication.
I also provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to Individual workers in the workplace and provide support to businesses for Work Cover related matters (approval number 13803).

I also provide supervision for counsellors and therapists.

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